8 Fresh Ways To Fight Fatigue After Daylight Savings

We’re writing this post from the US and it’s been almost two weeks since the clocks sprung forward for Daylight Savings, but to be honest, we’re still struggling with getting back in rhythm. Don’t get us wrong, we’re loving the later sunsets and longer days, but that one-hour shift has really shaken up our sleep schedules!

We know the Daylight Savings switch is coming soon for our friends across the pond, so we wanted to share some ideas on how you can fight that inevitable fatigue when the clocks do change. But rather than sharing caffeinated tips or naptime tricks – we’re giving you unexpected ideas for feeling more awake and energized through the day.

Now, we know that fatigue isn’t just a symptom associated with the spring clock change, especially for new and expecting moms. So these are tips to help you whenever you’re battling exhaustion – whether it’s physical, mental, and emotional – because those pervasive feelings of tiredness can negatively impact our health and happiness.

While improving sleep habits, maintaining a regular workout schedule, and eating healthy are key ways to boost physical energy – you can also tackle mental and emotional fatigue that may be contributing to those sleepy days. So, here are 8 fun and fresh life hacks to help you fight fatigue in a new way:


8 Ways To Fight Fatigue & Feel More Energized

1. What rhymes with orange? – Well, nothing. But it is a great color to add to your wardrobe. Orange is a combination of red (an energizing shade) and yellow (a happy, brightening shade) – so, incorporating it into your daily outfit can actually trick your brain into feeling more awake. So pop on a tangerine blazer, don some melon-hued sandals, or pack up a coral-colored handbag for the day.

2. Regrets, I’ve had a few – We all have regrets, but you can do yourself a huge favor by learning to let go. The emotions associated with regret are akin to that of loss, which drains our bodies and minds of energy. Write down the regrets that often pop into your mind – it helps to see them written out so you can put them into context and find ways to move past them.

3. Phone a friend – Socializing with friends and loved ones release a hormone into our bloodstream called oxytocin. The effects of oxytocin are overall feelings of calm and comfort. A quick chat with a good friend before bed can promote the release of this hormone, making you feel more relaxed and better able to fall asleep.

4. Jump for joy – Simply bouncing up and down can energize you in an instant. If you have a toddler running around your house you’ll notice how bouncy – and energetic – they are at all times. Let out your inner child; you’ll be surprised by how good it feels.

5. Take a breather – In fact, take a nice, long deep breath. Deep breathing increases oxygen flow to the brain, naturally fighting off mental fatigue – so you can get after the day ahead. While you practice deep breathing, try incorporating a positive mantra into your thoughts as well. Try something like, “I am beautiful and strong, inside and out”. With every inhale, repeat this mantra to yourself and feel positivity and energy rush in.

6. Minty fresh – the smell of mint is a natural energizer. It stimulates our senses and makes us more aware and alert. Try adding some fresh mint leaves to your water bottle, introduce a minty rinse to your shower routine, or you can always pop a piece of gum to give you that added boost.

7. Decisions, decisions – decision making is a real drag… energy-wise that is. We have to make a lot of choices throughout the day, and you may not realize it, but all of those indecisive moments can add up and sap your energy. Challenge yourself to go with your gut, be assertive in the choices you make, and limit your options where possible.

8. Look smart, play smart – The way you dress for the day has an impact on how you perform at work, at home, and in everything you do. Sporting sweats, comfy shoes and skipping the makeup routine may be easier, but you’ll be more likely to stay in a stay of drowsiness. Dressing sharp and applying even a small touch of makeup can instantly make you feel more ready to tackle the day ahead.


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