Want to Get Away? Check Out 5 Of Our Favorite Sunny Destinations

Perhaps you’re up here with us in the Northern hemisphere, also feeling sick and tired of the cold, the rain (or snow), and the moodier days of winter. Or maybe you’re one of our sisters down on the Southern side of the world and getting ready to wind down the summer months and ease into cooler temps. We’ve come to find that it doesn’t matter where you live or what season it is – a sun-drenched, warm weather vacation is always in order. 

We won’t lie, we’ve been day-dreaming of sandy beaches, palms, and just enough sunshine to thaw us out from the winter chill lately. So, we decided to round up 5 of our favorite sunny getaways. We’re calling this our first rendition of #travelinspirationtuesdays – so keep an eye out for more to come. But whether you’re actually in search of travel inspiration or just need some quality day-dreaming material (we call it vacation window-shopping) – we’re here for you!

Take a 5-minute getaway from whatever it is your doing and check out these 5 dreamy getaway destinations…


1.Tokoriki Island, Fiji

Tokoriki Island Resort | photo

If you’re honeymooning, baby-mooning, or just need time alone for two to disconnect from the real world – Tokoriki is the place for you. It offers an unforgettable island holiday, tucked away in the magical Mamanuca archipelago. 

Where to stay: The Tokoriki Island Resort is a slice of paradise, offering villas with private terraces to lounge away the day in your hammock. Of course, you’ll also get access to a private pool while taking in tropical sunsets and endless ocean views. When you’re ready to rinse off from a day in the sun, you can sneak under one of their outdoor showers, tastefully obscured by landscaped gardens.

What to do: Dive in the Fijian waters with snorkeling trips, charter a private fishing boat, go on a hiking trek, hit the tennis court, picnic on the beach, and unwind with a sensational massage.

Things to consider: For our pregnant mamas and those TTC, there is currently an ongoing risk of Zika virus in Fiji. For an alternative island destination that’s Zika-free, we recommend traveling north to the stunning Hawaiin islands for Ko’a Kea Hotel & Resort at Poipu Beach.

2. Kruger National Park, South Africa

Singita Lebombo Lodge | photo

Are you up for a modern-day safari? Kruger National Park is a stunning slice of South Africa, located north-east of Jo-burg and just on the border of Mozambique. It’s a 33,000-acre swath of land that’s well-known for its high concentration of the ‘Big 5’, yep that’s lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and Cape buffaloes. 

Where to stay: If you want to channel your adventurous, outdoorsy side without giving up the comforts of a luxury stay, look no further than the Lebombo Lodge. You can cozy up in one of their suites that’s encircled by trees and encased in glass, suspended above the N’Wanetsi River for an experience like no other.

What to do: Hop in a 4×4 for exciting daily game drives, opt for a guided walking safari, take a mountain bike out on the trails, and delight in a traditional African Boma Night.


3. Kooddoo, Maldives


Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort | photo

Doesn’t a dip in these crystal clear water look so tempting right now? The aquamarine waters, white sands, and tropical vegetation make the Maldives a slice of heaven on earth, and Kooddoo is the perfect starting point to explore this tropical nation. 

Where to stay: Tuck into your own private villa complete with sun deck and pool at the Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort. The majority of their villas are on the water, but if you’d rather be closer to shore, they have several scattered along the sand as well. No matter where you stay the western orientation will always dish up breathtaking Maldivian sunsets.

What to do: With the coral reef just 40m from the beach (please be sure to opt for reef-safe sunscreen!), it’s definitely good to take advantage of a free snorkeling adventure. Sailing and kayaking are also available, as are more motorized means of transportation over the turquoise waters.

Things to consider: For our pregnant mamas and those TTC, there is currently a risk of Zika virus transmission in the Maldives. For an equally stunning, relaxing getaway that’s Zika-free, we recommend traveling south to breathtaking Seychelles and booking a stay at the Four Seasons Resort.

4. Barcelona, Spain


Soho House Barcelona | photo

You’d be hard-pressed to find another European city that delivers sunshine, beach days, and city sights better than Barcelona. We’d go again and again – and again – if endless vacations were a thing. Perfect for a long weekend getaway or a longer, more-leisurely stay.

Where to stay: The far-reaching, trendy members club – Soho House – has firmly established its presence in Barcelona, and a stay here will not disappoint. The lovingly restored 18th-century building boasts high ceilings, rich earth tones, and elaborate textiles that envelop you in a warm atmosphere in every room. You’re just as close to the boardwalk as you are to the heart of the Gothic Quarter and the Old Town.

What to do: Visit the La Sagrada Familia, Plaça d’Espana, Barcelona Cathedral, Park Güell, Museu Picasso, and La Boqueria, take a stroll down Las Ramblas, and if you can book a day trip out to Montserrat.  


5. Tulum, Mexico

Azulik Hotel | photo


Sneak away from the tourists in Playa del Carmen and the Spring Breakers in Cancun and nestle into the richness of Tulum’s history, the vibrancy of its culture, and the beauty of its pristine beaches. There’s just something mystical about this place, and once you go you’ll never forget it.

Where to stay: Cozy up in the jungle at the eco-friendly, artistic masterpiece that is the Azulik Hotel.  This is one you’ll just have to look at the photos for because our words just can’t do it justice. Stepping into this resort feels like entering a masterfully unique, living, breathing creation – perfectly complementing the seaside city it resides in.

What to do:  Explore the countless and breathtaking cenotes, partake in the vibrant nightlife, explore the impeccably maintained Mayan Ruins on the cliffs, observe sea turtles in their natural habitat, and eat plenty of fresh guacamole.

Things to consider: For our pregnant mamas and those TTC, there has been a history of Zika virus transmission in Mexico, however current risk factors are not known. You can stick to an eco-friendly stay and play it safe by opting for a trip to California instead and staying at Treebones Resort in Big Sur.


We’ll just be here daydreaming of these jaw-dropping destinations, but if you manage to sneak away, be sure to share about it and tag us @baby2bodyofficial!


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