Baby2Body: A Fitness App Where ‘Pregnancy Mode’ Comes First

This weekend while perusing the news we were intrigued to see this article pop up in The Independent, profiling the need for ‘pregnancy mode’ to come standard in health and fitness apps, wearables, and devices. At Baby2Body we understand that need all too well – and we’re already well beyond being just a health and fitness app that has a pregnancy mode. Baby2Body offers a complete health, wellness, and fitness experience specifically for women who are pregnant and mothers who are working on getting back to their healthiest, strongest selves after birth.

Here’s the thing: when you become pregnant, a few things change in big ways; including the fact that there is a human growing inside of you. But a lot of things don’t change: you’re still you, you still care about your health and fitness (if not more so), and you still want access to the incredible data and services that fit-tech apps have to offer. Is that so much to ask for? It’s high time that pregnancy (one of the most fundamental life experiences for nearly half of the population) has a fully-fledged answer to its health, fitness and wellness needs. Baby2Body is that answer you’ve been waiting for.

We couldn’t agree more with Swapna Krishna’s recent Twitter insights on the need for sophisticated health and activity trackers and resources for the pregnancy space – and look no further, because we’re already blazing that trail! We created our app to address this problem head on and offer a comprehensive solution for women worldwide. Baby2Body offers an all-encompassing pregnancy mode for every facet of your life; from physical fitness, to psychological wellbeing, nutritional needs, and even your beauty interests. You’ve got enough to worry about while you work on growing a healthy baby and living your life, so we do the thinking for you by coaching you through making the healthiest choices for you and your baby, knowing what’s safe when it comes to exercise, understanding how to manage stress and promote wellness, and enjoying a nutritious and balanced diet at this unique time in your life.

The Baby2Body app already offers this comprehensive experience – but like everyone, we can do more, and that’s exactly what we’re focused on doing. We are full steam ahead on integrating with wearables that not only allow women who are pregnant to see all of their data and information in one place, but also make sense of everything that’s going on and use it to their empowerment and advantage. To all the frustrated moms and moms-to-be out there: we’re answering your call for pregnancy mode, and we won’t stop until you have everything you need for a happy, healthy pregnancy. Keep telling us what you want because we are dedicated to delivering just that, and we have the platform to do it. Send us an email to with the subject line My Pregnancy Mode – and we’ll be sure to respond. Now how many tech companies can say that?


Be sure to check out the Baby2Body iOS to check it out for yourself!


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