How To Create A Relaxing Space At Home

As you reach your third trimester of pregnancy everything starts to feel really real. The nursery is ready, your hospital bag is packed and you, your family and all your friends are anxious to welcome your bundle of joy into the world. While this a time full of excitement, some mamas-to-be can find it slightly stressful too. Follow our tips below and you’ll be able to enjoy a safe space where you can just take some time for yourself to unwind and enjoy your present moment.

Music is proven to help you relax

Binaural beats (the low deep sounds you hear in ‘whale music’ and spa background sounds) are proven to release alpha brainwaves. These create the ideal headspace for meditating and just generally reaching an overall zen-like state. Play them in the background when you’re cooking, reading or just relaxing and need a helping hand to unwind.

It’s all about the lighting

You may not realize it but lighting has the power to majorly change your mood. Too harsh and you’ll be left feeling irritable with sore eyes, too dim and you’ll have a headache from squinting and trying to see. During the day try to get as much natural light inside as you can. Nature’s cure for feeling blue, sunlight is scientifically proven to lift your mood so pull back those curtains and let it in. In the evenings, if you’re trying to unwind, light some candles. The ambient glow will leave you with a soft, warm feeling and should help send you right off to sleep.

The power of aroma

Smells are equally important when you are trying to de-stress. To easily make your home more relaxing fill it with some freshly cut flowers or choose some soothing essential oils to drop in a diffuser. Flowers will brighten and freshen up your surroundings and have also been shown to naturally lift spirits and reduce feelings of anxiety. As far as essential oils go, some naturally soothing scents that are safe to diffuse while pregnant include: lavender, ylang-ylang, bergamot, chamomile, frankincense, and eucalyptus.

Get cozy

Being in an environment that is warm, comforting, and cozy is important when creating a relaxing space. So when you’re trying to turn your home into a retreat, stock up on scatter cushions, memory foam pillows, fluffy rugs, and soft throws. Whatever it is that makes you feel snug, surround yourself with it.


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