5 Hospital Bag Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

If your due date is anywhere in the near future, you’ve probably already read hundreds of “what to pack for hospital” lists. But this one’s a bit different. We’re not talking about the basics of what to bring for the big day because we’re guessing you probably have those covered already — if not, read this post!

Today we’ve got 5 items you might not think to bring but will be so glad you did. You might call them “Lux Haves” because you really don’t need them to give birth, but they’ll make the experience a bit more enjoyable. We think a little luxury is well deserved after 9 months of pregnancy, don’t you?

5 Hospital Bag Items You Wouldn’t Think To Pack (But Will Be So Glad You Did…)

1. Coconut oil

Why you’ll like it reason #1: you can use the coconut oil on its own to help soothe dry and itchy skin. Hospital air can be very drying, and hormonal changes during and after birth can leave your skin extra dry and flaky, so this super-nourishing oil can provide some needed relief.

Why you’ll like it reason #2: coconut oil is great for newborn skin and is often recommended for clearing up Cradle Cap or other skin irritations, so it will definitely be put to good use in the future!

Why you’ll like it reason #3: You can mix up a soothing and all-natural massage oil by adding some essential oils into the coconut oil, which can help with relaxation and body pains from labor. Labor is no joke, and if there’s any time in your life when you really deserve a massage – giving birth is the time. Have your partner or whoever​ is in the delivery room with you mix a drop of your chosen essential oil with the coconut oil and massage it into your lower back, hips, or arms and hands to help with pain management and relaxation. As far choosing which essential oil to use, lavender is great for promoting relaxation and peppermint is often used for pain management.

2. Relaxing podcasts

Have a visualization, mindfulness meditation, or guided breathing podcast on hand and ready to go. OK, so this one isn’t something you really have to pack, as you can easily pull one up on your phone, but it’s a good idea to plan ahead and choose a few podcasts that are empowering, relaxing, and work for you. The Baby2Body app offers specific podcasts around labor visualization and preparing for birth. To easily find them go to the Discover section and search: Listen & Do!

Why you’ll like it: there will be a lot of people talking to you and trying to help you through labor, and in most cases, labor can be a pretty long process. While there will be times you need to tune into what your doctors, nurses, or midwives are telling you, sometimes you just need to be in your own headspace. A podcast that walks you through labor visualization, relaxing meditations, or breathing exercises can be really helpful in those early stages of labor to help you feel calm and in charge (if only for a little while!).

3. Outfits For Three & A Laundry Bag For All

You may have your baby’s first outfit all picked and ready to go but don’t forget to pack a fresh outfit for yourself and your partner, too! Also, come prepared with a small packable laundry bag so all those dirty clothes can go in one place when everything is said and done – you’ll thank us later.

Why you’ll like it: Having a fresh and comfortable outfit to go home in will feel so good, for you and your partner. Go for comfort but also something that makes you feel good and sexy, perhaps a pair of leggings and a chic, oversized sweater. It’s a bit of a mental trick: You’ll leave the hospital feeling put together and just a bit more ready for the outside world with your new baby. Also, having a separate laundry bag to put all those dirty clothes in will help you feel just a bit more organized when you arrive home with baby for the first time. Just pop it all in the wash and you’re done!

4. Heating Pad & Handheld Fan

Basically, prepare for all temperature extremes.

Why you’ll like it: Hospitals generally run on the cold side, so while things are kicking off you may feel a bit chilled, which is where the heating pad comes in handy. The heat can also help with pain relief when you’re working through those early contractions. Of course, things will definitely warm up as labor progresses, and you can only eat so many ice chips! Having a hand-held fan that either you can use on your face can help keep you cool.

5. Electrolytes – aka “Labor-Aid”

It’s really important to stay hydrated through labor, but keeping your salt levels on an even keel is just as important! Your salt balance is crucial for muscle contraction and energy levels – and as you may have guessed, both are pretty important when giving birth.

Why you’ll like it: an electrolytic drink will help keep those hydration levels up while replenishing your salt balance. Plus, it’s a fun alternative to all those glasses of water you’ve been drinking as you can have fun with the flavors. You can pick up some powders or liquid electrolyte products to add to your water while at hospital, or you can make your own to bring in with you. An easy recipe is to have a 16-oz glass of 2 parts coconut water to 1 part regular water with a tablespoon of raw honey, a good pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, and the juice of either a lemon or orange. Drink up!

Do you have any Hospital Bag ‘Lux Haves’ that you’re planning on bringing to hospital, or have brought to hospital before? Share them in the comments below or post a photo to your Instagram with the hashtag #hospitalbagluxhaves and tag @baby2bodyofficial and we’ll repost!

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