Chat To Other Mamas With Our Brand New Community Feature!

We know that becoming a mom – from the early stages of pregnancy to the late night feedings with baby – is a time of massive change, and that can leave you with a lot of questions. Of course, we’re here with answers on how to stay happy and healthy during this unique time in your life. However, we also know it helps to have support from other women who are going through the same things you are, and sometimes there are questions only other moms can answer! That’s why we’ve created the Baby2Body community, so you can connect and share with other mamas who are right there with you.

Now on our community forum – which is exclusively available on the Baby2Body app – you can ask questions specific to the stage you’re in, post on the topics you’re most interested in, share your current anxieties, support other moms who are going through what you’ve already been through, dish on parenting tips, recommend your favorite products, ask for advice on baby names and nursery decor, or even just make some new friends! We’re giving you the space to chat about what it’s really like to stay happy and healthy through pregnancy and motherhood while enjoying the support of likeminded mamas from all over the world.  It’s like going out for tea with friends, without having to leave the comfort of your own home!

At Baby2Body we’re all about coaching you with expert-led guidance to help you optimize your health. We know that having a great network around you can help make this whole journey a bit easier, and a lot more fun. So we’re encouraging you all to support each other, share what keeps you feeling sexy and confident, and be there for other mamas who need a bit of a confidence kick! We ask that you please keep all comments positive and uplifting – this is a space for strong women who want to empower other women. Thank you in advance for keeping it that way!


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