Our Top 6 Winter Running Essentials

Starting to feel those winter blues already? Say it ain’t so! The best way to keep seasonal sadness at bay is generally through a combination of getting healthy amounts of Vitamin D and regular exercise. The good news is: you can do both at once by getting outside for a run (or bike, or walk)! 

Now we know that keeping up with regular exercise can be hard while dealing with pregnancy fatigue (and other un-fun symptoms), and even tougher during early motherhood when you’re on 24/7 newborn duty. Then when these cold, dark winter mornings and evenings are thrown into the mix it can be even more difficult! Most of us feel our workout motivation slip the closer we get to winter months – so you’re not alone! Curling up on the sofa with a steaming bowl of tasty soup can seem much more appealing than freezing our fingers off on an evening run…

But don’t despair! Our picks for winter running essentials will make cold weather runs much less daunting so it won’t feel like a chilly chore. Smashing out a run in the cold air torches more calories – so that’s a definite plus. It’s also much less boring than running on a treadmill in a packed, over-heated gym. And just think of those endorphins and the bit of Vitamin D goodness you can get if the sun is shining! It’s well-worth getting your cold weather gear in order so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of running outside – whatever the weather!

So let’s get to it: here are our top 6 winter running essentials to keep you warm and comfortable:

1. Under Armour Women’s ColdGear® Reactor Long Sleeve

This base-layer top made of smart compression fabric to keep you warm, but it’s still breathable and perfect for striking the perfect temperature balance. The high neck and long sleeves with thumb holes are essential for winter. The key to staying warm is layering and the most important layer is the one directly touching your skin, making this amazingly light and comfortable top an essential for your winter runs.

UK £50   |   US $60


2. PUMA evoKNIT Padded Jacket

Toasty, toasty, toasty! When it gets seriously cold this is the jacket you’ll want to grab. Made with warmCELL technology, this jacket is breathable yet keeps heat close to your body, so you’ll say: “what cold run?”. Puma’s evoKNIT design is made for functionality so you’ll never feel restricted in your motions.

UK £115   |   US $130


3. Nike Pro Warm Running Tights

These tights have a brushed interior to trap heat where you need it most and mesh detailing provides just enough ventilation so you don’t overheat. The compressive yet stretchy material with flat seams means ultimate comfort, and Dri-FIT technology keeps you dry and warm all run long – helping prevent the risk of injury that comes from exercising on cold muscles!

UK £35 (On sale!)   |   US $40 (On sale!)


4. The North Face Runners 2 Etip Glove

Avoid icy blue fingers by getting yourself some decent running gloves! This pair keeps away moisture, stretches for the perfect fit, comes with an extra grip so you won’t drop your phone, and they’re touchscreen-compatible so you can change your favorite running tracks without changing pace!

UK £30   |   US $28


5. Smartwool PhD Run Light Socks

In cold weather, your body will focus on keeping your core and internal organs at an optimal temperature. That means less blood circulation (and less warmth) to your extremities. Just as you want to keep your hands toasty, you want to make sure your feet stay nice and warm too! Thick socks can actually make your toes colder because they’ll restrict movement – but these lightweight merino wool socks will keep your feet warm and dry, and they offer the perfect amount of cushioning.



UK £12   |   US $18


6. Lululemon Run and Done Ear Warmer

Your head is one of the most sensitive body parts when it comes to temperature, so a headband or hat is essential when running in cold weather! This suuuper soft headband is made of sweat-wicking Rulu™ fabric that will protect you from the cold AND it’s brilliantly designed to hold your ponytail in place; one less thing to worry about while you’re crushing those miles.



BONUS item – Why not try a running watch to check your distance, duration, and speed and keep that motivation sky high this winter!

As temperatures are soon to drop we suggest you get kitted out so you won’t have to miss a workout! Be sure to check back soon for more tips on outdoor workouts. Happy winter running, mamas!

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