Holiday checklist part 4: Mama’s packing must-haves

We saved the best for last; this one is all for you gorgeous lady! With your errand list building higher and higher, it would be so easy to give your needs a miss. But you deserve this break as much as your family, (if not more so!) and we’re going to make sure you’ve got the essentials to kick start your holiday in style. Our mama holiday checklist has the right balance of practicality, and some real comforts too.

Holiday Checklist: Mama’s packing must-haves

  1. Travel documents. Passports, check. Travel insurance, check. Visas, check. Reservation details, check. Boarding pass, check. Better yet, keep them in this lovely little Passport Wallet to make your life a whole lot easier.
  2. Call the bank. This is one we often forget, but never again! If you let them know a week before then they’ll store it on file. So, if you need to spend in a different currency they won’t be so quick to block your credit card, and leave you without a way to pay.
  3. Currency. If you’re not going to be using your own currency, make sure you exchange it to the local currency of your destination a couple of days before you go. Also, triple checking to make sure you’re taking out the correct currency for the country you’re traveling to always helps. We’re not going to say that’s happened to us, but we won’t say it hasn’t either. Whatever you do, don’t fall into the traps of changing at the airport – the interest rate is seriously bonkers.
  4. SPF. In everything. It’s great that you’ve packed enough sun cream for the kids, but you need the same protection too lovely lady! You can also get great moisturizers and foundations with SPF, and regardless of what time of year you’re traveling, the sun will be out and you’ll likely be spending time outside, so be sure to be SPF-prepared.
  5. Books. Our absolute favorite pastime on holiday, especially when you don’t have the luxury of reading in the ‘real world’. Snag a few at the airport, or bring some from home that you’ve been meaning to get to, and let yourself escape to a new world. Remember, you’re on vacation!
  6. Pre-pamper. Because when you look good you feel better, and vice versa. Indulge in mani-pedis, a fresh cut or even a bikini wax (ouchies). It’s your time to feel pampered and glam and absolutely fab before dashing off on holiday.
  7. Adapters. This is another one that’s so easily forgotten, but you can always buy a couple at the airport if worse comes to worse. Friendly warning: most adapters aren’t going to stand up to a hairdryer, and you’ll likely blow the adapter as soon as you turn it on. Call ahead to where you’re staying to see if there is a hairdryer in your room, otherwise, you might want to pack dry shampoo and cut back on the wetting your head!
  8. Cozy footwear. Even if you’re heading off on a beach holiday, the airport is tiring stuff. You can never go wrong with a pair of cushioned sneakers, especially if you’re in for a good amount of walking. We also highly recommend popping a pair of travel slippers in your bag (you’ll thank us later) and these Ugg slip-ons are real winners.
  9. Camera. Whether it’s a polaroid or digital – it’s a must to bring a camera on holiday. iPhone snaps are great, but they eat up your storage like crazy, and you don’t really want to be on your phone all vacation long. We actually recommend bringing a 30-image roll disposable camera with you. It will force to only capture the really special moments you want to remember, and you won’t be viewing your holiday behind a camera lens the whole time.
  10. Meditation podcasts. The idea of a holiday is to relax and unwind, but it’s easier said than done. Bring some meditation podcasts with you to help you slow down and ease into the vacation life. Head on over to Baby2Body and search “Listen & Do” to get some great meditation podcasts.

We hope these holiday checklists will make your next getaway a bit easier, less stressful, and a lot more enjoyable. Happy travels, mama!


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