Holiday checklist part 3: Prepping your home

Before leaving your home unoccupied, it’s important to think about the little details. For example: have you turned off the small appliances (yes, that means all of them)? Will you mute your phone’s ringer? And do you have any pets that need looking after? There really are a lot of details to consider, but as always, to keep it super simple we’ve got a 9-step checklist to help you prepare your home before going away on holiday.

Holiday Checklist: Prepping your home

  1. Alert the alarm company. And while you’re at it, leave them a local contact (a neighbor or friend that you trust will suffice) in case they need to get in touch while you’re away.
  2. Call off the newspapers. As the stacks of old newspapers gather around the driveway, it sends a clear signal that you’re not home. You can easily halt your deliveries for as long as you need – and you can also ask your local post office to hold your mail for you so it doesn’t pile up in your mailbox.
  3. Find a home for Fido. Just temporarily of course! If you’re destination isn’t paw-friendly, make sure that you arrange for care for any of your pets well ahead of time. We’re sure this isn’t something you wouldn’t forget, but it really helps to get this one checked off as soon as possible, whether you choose to board, have a friend watch them, or get a pet sitter – getting this done in advance will make your life a lot easier.
  4. Hit the lights. It definitely helps to have the lights on from time to time so it doesn’t look like no one is home, especially if you’re on holiday for an extended period of time. If you can, it’s a good idea to set your lights to a timer, or you can ask a friend to housesit for a few nights while you’re away. They can always help with keeping your plants watered as well!
  5. Take out the trash. If you can give your home a quick clean before jetting off, that would be even better, but if you can only get around to one thing, make it a garbage run. Clearing out all of your trashcans and the garbage disposal will also help keep pesky ants and flies away as well. Yes, please! 
  6. Adjust your thermostat. You don’t want the AC cranking if you’re away on hot days, just like you don’t want the heat on full blast if you’re traveling during colder months. Set your thermostat accordingly and keep those utility bills down!
  7. Speaking of bills. Do a quick check before you go to make sure all of your monthly bills have been paid and that you won’t miss any payment due dates while you’re away.
  8. Make a big batch of soup. Yep, you read that right. Getting back from holiday the lastttt thing you want to do is cook up a meal for everyone. If you can make a big batch of soup the week before you leave, simply freeze it and reheat upon your arrival! This one is a real game changer.
  9. Get fresh sheets. So this one’s a bit of a bonus and not a necessity, but after coming home to a home cooked meal ready and waiting, the next best thing is getting to jump into a bed that’s made up with fresh, clean sheets. If you have time, give those sheets a wash and dry and make up your bed. Your post-holiday self will thank you.

We’ve got one final checklist coming your way! Check back tomorrow because this post is all about you.

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