Holiday checklist part 2: Clearing your workload

The post-holiday blues are real, and girl they’re a killer! But what hurts even more is returning to a desk with hundreds upon hundreds of unread emails and looming deadlines… cue deep breathing: in… and out… in…

We want to certify a seamless holiday, and an equal smooth sailing return, so we’ve rounded up another holiday checklist for you! This one’s got the 5 fundamentals for clearing your workload so you can jet off stress-free, and return to your desk (relatively) stress-free.

Holiday Checklist: Clearing your Workload

  1. Out of office. Simple and effective, yet often something we forget to do! Make sure you’ve jotted the right dates in and included a reference to the appropriate colleague’s email, and you’re good to go.
  2. Handover. If you do any of these 5 points, this is the one. Always leave a handover (quick summary of work to be done while you’re away) for whoever is covering for you. It keeps everyone in the loop, it’s standard practice, and it’s the best way to ensure you won’t get any work calls or emails while away.
  3. On-going projects. If the BIG deadline happens to coincide with your holiday, put a couple of hours aside to run through the details in person, and push the project along as far as you can. There’s only so much you can say via email, so sit down with your colleague and a cup of coffee and run through the nooks and crannies to get all questions answered before you go.
  4. Clear your desk. You won’t be pleased to find last week’s afternoon snack still sitting on your desk on your first day back. Plus, there’s such a thing as clutter-induced fatigue, and coming back to a clean desk will help you feel energized and ready to get work done when you get back – rather than tired and wishing you were still on holiday (well, you’ll probably wish you were still on holiday either way…)
  5. Switch off. Finally, you can call it a day and enjoy your well-deserved holiday. We know it’s tempting, especially if you’re a workaholic but do try to switch off and stay away from those emails if possible – you need some stress-free space, and in order to get some real relaxation, you need to unplug.

You know the drill – check back tomorrow for another holiday checklist! Our next one is all about prepping your home before going away on vacation. 

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