Holiday Checklist Part 1: Packing For Kids

With the last two weeks of August upon us, dare we say we’ve got the final stretch of summer ahead of us? You’re right, let’s not say it just yet. Whether you’re getting ready for back to school for your kiddos or back to busier work days for you, one thing is for sure: if you’ve got one final summer vacation planned, you’re going to make the most of it.

In honor of the upcoming Summer Bank Holiday and Labor Day Weekends, we’ve put together a series of holiday checklists to prep you for some stellar time away. But these checklists aren’t just for summer travels; they’ll get you ready and organized for any trip, any time of year. We’ll cover what to pack for your little ones, what to do before taking time off work, what to do to prep your home, and most importantly what to pack for yourself so you can have a fabulous holiday. Enjoy and safe travels!

Holiday Checklist: Packing for your Kids

Traveling with kids (infants, toddlers, and preteens alike) in tow always adds an extra level of… complexity and let’s say, excitement. In case you hadn’t already guessed, it means umpteen more things for to organize, pack, and carry around with you. We know all too well how easy it is to forget the bare essentials, so to ensure you don’t end up empty handed, we’ve done a bit of the legwork for you. Below you’ll find our top 10 essentials to get you started when packing for kids.

Suitable strollers. This all depends on your children’s ages, but if you’re planning for bumpy landscapes and off-road exploring, we’d recommend bringing an all-terrain stroller. For city breaks and sun-drenched weekends are better suited to a foldable lightweight stroller. If you’ve got a really little one, a fashionable baby sling will keep your vacation fashion on point while offering functional transportation for baby.

Blankets. Not only are they super versatile, but they can also provide comfort for your little travelers – having something they recognize will naturally make them feel more at ease.

The toy. Speaking of comforting things, if there is one toy, stuffed animal, or other security item that your little one doesn’t do so well with it, make sure it gets packed before anything else.

Outfit options. Pack a lot of different clothing items, but not too many clothes. Does that make sense? You want to create the illusion of outfit options and variety in clothing choices, without having to transport their entire closet.
Hats. Whether it’s a brimmed hat to keep the sun away on warm-weather holidays or a fleece beanie to keep them nice and toasty on cold-weather trips – your little one will be covered!

Cleansing wet wipes. Messes are bound to happen. Cleansing wipes are perfect for cleaning dirty hands and faces, and for when you just need to wipe up whatever just spilled.

Snacks. Travelling works up quite the appetite, so pack a snack of choice that you know your little one will love, and will keep the whole family on the go. We’re suckers for a fruit bar and some granola. If you’re flying with a baby and need to transport bottled milk, make sure to read up on any airline restrictions for how much you can carry on.

A few plastic bags. Trust us, they always prove useful. Whether it’s dirty clothes, motion sickness, or an extra bag to carry things in. We’ll say it again, they always prove useful.

Diapers. Even if you’re kiddo has mastered the art of potty training at home, traveling can disrupt their habits and, you guessed it, accidents can happen. Pack enough to get through the first few days at your destination, and pick up more as you need them.

Portable baby monitor. Whilst you enjoy an evening on the balcony, you can still keep tabs on your little sleeper.

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