Wish shopping for your kids was fun and easy? Meet Boomdash.

How many hours have you spent rifling through clothing racks and scouring online stores for items for your kids that are adorable, affordable, and well-made? Well mama, you can say goodbye to those days because times are a-changing.

We recently met the folks over at Boomdash – a company that believes shopping for your kids should be easier than raising them, and we couldn’t agree more. They’ve created an online platform dedicated to making your lives easier as a parent when buying clothes for your kiddos. We also got the chance to chat with Maureen Dempsey, the Editorial Director over at Boomdash and mom of 2 herself, and got the low-down on kids fashion and what you need to know when shopping for your little ones.

What is your mission at Boomdash?

Our mission is to offer moms and dads a personalized shopping experience that makes their lives easier and allows them to enjoy the best parts of parenting.

How did you get the idea for the company – what’s the inspiration behind the brand?

We originally wanted to gather up the world’s best kids brands in one place, but the idea of sifting through all the products felt like a time suck. So we added a personalization layer: You take a quick style quiz for each of your kids, and we’ll find the pieces that both they and you will love. It makes shopping faster, easier, and fun.

Can you give us a quick rundown on how Boomdash works?

When you create your kids’ profiles, we’ll ask a few questions to gauge likes and dislikes, then create a style profile for each. Every time you visit the site, you can find curated clothing and accessory picks for each child, or you can filter all products on the site and only see items that are the right fit (size and style-wise) for each one.

In addition, we created The In Between, an editorial section of the site that helps parents navigate the wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) parts of raising kids. We post essays, advice, and roundups several times a week.

If you could pick one – or a few – what are the hottest trends in children’s clothing right now?

Everything is fun and colorful for summer. I’m loving tropical fruit prints, tree prints (cactus, palm, etc.), and sugary, bright pastels.

Other than using Boomdash of course, what is your top piece of advice to moms when buying clothes for their kids?

Buy on opposite seasons, and get next year’s essentials for half the price. Shop for winter items right now, and look for next year’s summer clothes in September and October. Unless your child has a giant growth spurt, you’ll pace correctly in terms of sizing. I’m eyeing this hat for my nine-year-old daughter, and this sweatshirt for my 4-year-old son.

As a seasoned mom, what’s your best piece of wisdom for new or expecting mothers?

Everything passes. All those things you obsess over – the habits, the phases, the not sleeping enough, the eating too much – it never lasts forever. Just ride it out and know it will eventually end.

Can you give us 3 essentials you think should be in every kid’s wardrobe to help streamline the morning rush for moms?

1. Kids should have all the same socks, as in, buy 12 of the exact same pairs so there’s no rifling through the top drawer to find a match. I love these classic star-patterned ones from Petit Bateau.

2. Make Sunday night “outfit night.” Look at the weather, then put an assembly line together of underwear, tops, bottoms, socks, etc. and make daily outfits. Then grab and go in the mornings.

3. Velcro shoes! You will shave minutes off your morning and years off your parenting with easy-on/easy-off footwear. Wes is currently wearing these and can put them on by himself every morning.

Tell us 3 things you can never leave home without (mom-related or not!)

1. A canvas bag. Aside from work, I’ve long given up on having a “nice” bag with kids. I have a revolving supply of totes that are filled with water bottles, snacks, little race cars, and crayons over the weekend. When one gets too trashed, I toss it and move on to the next one.

2. Altoid Minis. I have roughly a dozen tins floating around my various bags, coat pockets, and desk drawers.

3. My phone. I feel lost when I accidentally leave it at home (which is probably not a good thing).

Maureen Dempsey, Editoral Director at Boomdash

Heading photo credit: Joel Griffith for Boomdash


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