5 Reasons You’ll Love Being Pregnant

We’re not ones to sugar coat anything, and pregnancy really can have its ups and downs. It’s a huge change for your body, your mind, and your relationships, but it’s an experience like no other. There are some seriously amazing reasons why you’ll love being pregnant, and here are just a few to get you excited…

1. Getting a fresh take on fashion.

Your growing waistline will give you an excuse to update your wardrobe and show off that cute baby bump! The best part is you can go from gorgeous flowy frocks to bodycon styles and still make it all look good. Remember, maternity wear doesn’t have to have the maternity tag – there are so many fun ways to get creative with your pregnancy wardrobe!

2. Having easy excuses for pampering.

Carrying a baby is hard work, so make the most of every opportunity to thank your body for all that it does. Have as many massages and long soaks in the bath as your heart desires! Or at least, don’t give yourself a hard time when going for a bit of self-pampering. Plus – it’s not so bad to have people so eager to help make you comfortable, happy, and taken care of, right?

3. Taking advantage of guilt-free rest.

No you’re not lazy, you’re exhausted. Those hormones coursing through you, and the fact that your body is pretty busy creating another human, make you seriously tired. The fatigue is real, and so is the need for rest. Enjoy all of those guilt-free naps that will help you make it through the week.

4. Enjoying a natural makeover. 

For some it’s glowing skin, others it’s thicker shinier hair, and some ladies love the boost to the bust! While there may be some not-so-great symptoms that come along with pregnancy, there are definitely a few you can enjoy. So work it mama!

5. Realizing that your body is crazy incredible.

Looking down at your growing bump, sensing those tiny baby hiccups, and feeling the countless kicks makes you realize just how amazing your body really is. You’re creating another human in there! How incredible is that? How incredible are you!

So you see, there’s plenty to look forward to and loads of reasons to pamper yourself like the goddess you are. Now’s the time to enjoy and take care of yourself, no excuses!

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