How to help avoid stretch marks

Its on the mind of most women during pregnancy… those red and purple ripples making their way around your expanding torso, yes you’ve got it, stretch marks.

First things first stretch marks and pregnancy often go hand in hand, as the majority of pregnant women will get some on their abdomen and upper thighs.

Stretch marks are tiny tears in the layers under your skin. As your belly grows your skin stretches, and voila! – the chances of getting stretch marks grows as well. It runs in the family too. If your Mom got stretch marks you’re more likely to get them because it all comes down to the structure of your skin. Women who gain weight rapidly during pregnancy also have a higher chance of getting them as well, so maintaining a healthy, gradual weight gain throughout your 9 months can really help! Basically, you’ll be giving your skin more time to stretch slowly, so it’s less likely to tear. The key to gradual pregnancy weight gain? A healthy diet that focuses more on increasing nutritional value rather than the amount you eat, and maintining an exercise regime that keeps you active from day one.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any sure fire ways to prevent stretch marks but there are a few ways to give your body the best chance of preventing them.

We spoke to Baby2Body friend and founder of Lucy Annabella, aromatherapist Colleen Quinn. Colleen is a self-confessed organic queen and healthy living activist with years experience helping women use oils to help care for their body! On the topic of stretch marks she said:

“During pregnancy one of the greatest concerns women can have, whether it is throughout it or towards the later stages of pregnancy, is stretch marks. The Graceful collection by Lucy Annabella has Helichyrsum and Lavandin, which together will heal skin and repair tissue which has been strained. This blend is best used throughout the entire pregnancy especially around the areas of the stomach, groins and thighs. This will help prevent scar tissue from stretch marks and ideally prevent stretch marks. Continue to use it after pregnancy to help heal any tissue damage that may have occurred due to hormonal and body changes. Graceful is also wonderful for calming the mind and helping to encourage sleep during the restless times of pregnancy.”

And if you end up with stretch marks, remember you’re in the process of making a new life which is an amazing achievement and as time passes the stretch marks will lighten and fade. They are a sign of a remarkable journey so try to remember that above all else!

A few more tips on how to help avoid stretch marks:

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…. There’s no harm in pampering yourself with oils and moisturizers as it will help keep your skin supple and soft.

2. Make your food work for you… Eat plenty of healthy foods full of vitamin E and C this will help to pack your skin with nutrients.

3. Keep an eye on weight gain… follow your doctors recommendations, and try to maintain a steady weight gain.

4. Time is a great healer… After birth your body will start to heal itself and stretch marks will calm and fade. If they’re still getting you down there is also an option to see a dermatologist who can recommend treatments such as laser therapy or Retin-a. Keep in mind this is only safe after childbirth.

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4 thoughts on “How to help avoid stretch marks

  1. Got dermalmd serum to lighten my pregnancy mask on my cheek area and upper lip and it works great for me!! No skin irritation, no breakouts, and notice results within 2 weeks! The smell wasn’t great but totally worth losing the spots!!

  2. I got pregnant and was worried about getting stretch marks on my belly. I’m naturally a very small person and stretch marks have a history with the women in my family. I did my research and decided to give dermalmd serum a try. Everyday after I showered, I would massage this into my skin. It worked better than I thought possible. Not only did I not get a single stretch mark during my pregnancy, but my labor nurse complimented my great skin. Also, I have a ton of it left, even after daily use. Great value, large quantity, does what it says, smells pretty alright, too.

  3. I used stretch mark removal serum of dermalmd during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks, and it worked! My mom had a lot of stretch marks, so I was paranoid. I rubbed this on diligently twice a day and made it through pregnancy without any stretch marks.

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