Top 5 Foods To Combat Nausea

It’s one of the most famous side effects of pregnancy… that sometimes crippling and often constant feeling of nausea. You’ll frequently hear complaints about why on earth they termed it ‘Morning Sickness’ when it can strike at any time of day (or night for that matter) and can sometimes last longer than the first trimester.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, we promise! There are definitely tips and tricks for battling the waves of nausea and one way to manage morning sickness is actually with the food you eat. So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 tried and tested food fixes to help you fight nausea during your first trimester – and beyond if needed!

5 Foods to Fight Nausea

1. Lemons, lemons, lemons, lemons, lemons! Not just the name of an award winning play, you also might want to add this to your shopping list, because lemons (and other citrus fruits) can help curb that troublesome nausea. Pop a few wedges in a bottle of water that you carry around with you and make sure to drink as often as possible. You can also keep a few fresh peels around, and even chew on them if you like, as the smell and taste can help settle your stomach.

2. Plain, whole-grain crackers or dry cereal first thing in the morning. For one, it’s much easier to feel nauseous on an empty stomach, so getting just a bit of food in your belly can actually help. Additionally, excess saliva (a common pregnancy symptom) can exacerbate morning sickness, and dry foods can help combat this. Keep a little snack by your bed and have a small handful once you wake up just to stave off that nausea for a little while longer.

3. Ginger. It’s the go-to, Holy Grail, and gold standard of foods that combat nausea. You can snack on raw ginger, sip on ginger tea, pop ginger in your morning smoothie, chew some ginger gum, or even switch to a ginger-scented body wash. The options are endless, and the nausea battling benefits of ginger are well-researched. Of course, as with everything, keep your ginger consumption in moderation. It can cause mild acid reflux in some people – and acid reflux definitely makes nausea worse. So figure out what works best for you!

4. Trust your nose! If something smells even the least bit unappealing to you, then don’t eat it! Morning sickness is believed to be exacerbated by noxious or potent smells, so it’s generally advised to limit heavily spiced foods. Looking for foods that have mild flavoring yet still boasts a rich vitamin content? Veggies, veggies, veggies! And fresh fruit of course.

5. Vitamin B6 and magnesium are two essential nutrients that have been shown to keep nausea at bay. It’s like a morning sickness dream team! Avocados, plain baked potato with the skin on, and sunflower seeds are all high in these two nutrients and their mild flavors make them great snacks for fighting nausea throughout your pregnancy.

A final tip is to keep your meals small but frequent. This dietary habit tends to help a lot of unsavory pregnancy symptoms – and morning sickness is definitely one of them. Finding the right balance of food in your stomach is a good way to quell rising stomach acid that often leads to heartburn and nausea.

So that’s the real truth of it – keep it simple, trust your gut and while you’re at it why not fill those cupboards with some nausea-fighting foods! Remember: whole-grain crackers, lemons, avocados, potatoes and sunflower seeds for when the nausea comes knocking.

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