How To Create A Pampering Spa Night At Home

We love a fun-filled weekend packed with activities, but there’s a lot to be said for a relaxing night at home from time to time. So, we’ve put together a quick how to guide on creating a spa-like oasis in your own home. Plus we’ll share some of our favorite products for a bit of pampering indulgence!

So what comes first? It’s all about setting the mood. Spas have that uncanny ability to instantly calm your nerves as soon as you step inside. It all comes down to ambiance, and there are a few quick ways you can hack a room in your home into feeling more spa-like for a night – or longer if you’d like! We’ll start with our top tips for creating a calming atmosphere, and then share our 5 favorite products for pampering.

Step 1. Set the Mood

Setting the mood is all about treating your senses to the good stuff. You’ll want to make sure your place for pampering is pleasing in sight, sound, and scent! Here are our top tips for how to do it:

1. Go for blue hues: Did you know that blue is a naturally calming color? One theory on why a trip to the seaside is so relaxing is that we have an affinity for the color blue. Regardless of where you’re from, chances are you most likely associate the color blue with peacefulness, openness, and satisfaction. Since splashes of soft blue can instantly create Zen-like feelings, why not freshen up your home decor with some splashes of cerulean and accents of azure.

2. Listen to the music: If you have the chance to grab some alone time for pampering, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the sound of sweet silence. But sometimes silence can be a bit too quiet, and it’s been proven that music has the capability of relaxing us. Of course, it needs to be the right kind of music. Research suggests that the most relaxing tunes start out at our resting heart rate – around 60-70 beats per minute – and gradually slow to 50 beats per minute. This slowing cadence can actually work to slow our own heart rate and calm us down. In need of some music inspiration? Science suggests this lilting melody from Marconi Union is the world’s most relaxing song.

3. Get the right light: Last but not least, you’ll need a small collection of candles to finish off creating your spa inspired atmosphere. A mixture of warm, flickering light and the aroma of your favorite candle will be sure to set the mood. When it comes to capturing those trademark spa scents, we think nothing compares to Diptyque’s Eucalyptus candle.

Step 2. Get the Goods

Mimic the sanctuary of a spa with these luxurious products – guaranteed to comfort you from head to toe!

1. You can’t kick off a night of pampering without wrapping yourself up in a dressing gown first and foremost. This Hydrocotton Robe from The White Company is absolutely everything you want a bathrobe to be.

2. Wash your worries away with the Lost in Paradise Salty Bath Soak from The Soak Life. Their all-natural bath soaks are healing for the skin, relaxing for sore muscles, and sure to make you feel like you’ve found a bit of paradise.

3. Give your face some detoxifying love with this pregnancy-safe Green Apple Peel from Juice Beauty. They say themselves it’s spa-grade exfoliation – so be sure to get your hands on some!


4. Following your soak – return radiance and serious moisture to your skin with Bio-Oil, rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and soybean oil. Added bonus: Bio-Oil is specifically formulated to help reduce the appearance pregnancy stretch marks.

5. Settle into a cozy spot for some mindful meditation, or just some peace and quiet with a cup of Rooibos Restore & Renew Tea from Tick Tock Tea to help soothe you from the inside.

Step 3. Disconnect

For tips on how to really disconnect this weekend – check out our Digital Detox post!

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