Spice up your fitness routine

If the thought of your usual fitness routine doesn’t get your heart racing, maybe it’s time to do something different – something new and exciting. We’ve got the rundown on what’s trending in the world of fitness so you can spice up your workout routine. Say goodbye to basics – because these classes are anything but!


If you’re hesitant about getting into the water, or don’t live in an area (or climate) that’s conducive to riding the waves – that’s no problem. The principles behind surfing are being incorporated into several trending workout classes. Surfing and other board sports help develop balance, explosive strength and endurance. There are classes that mimic the patterns and motions of surfing that target key balance muscles and tone your whole body. If you’re up for a fitness routine that’s more interactive, there are also classes available where you actually jump onto a mechanical surfboard that moves and shakes to mimics the waves – and once you’re on there it’s squats, jumps and core exercises to get you lean and strong.


Squeeze in pilates, a fast-paced dance routine and the basics of boxing into an hour and you could burn up to 900 calories! This combo is cleverly called ‘piloxing’. If you couldn’t tell from the description, it’s a high-energy class that is supposed to burn fat and sculpt muscle at the same time. If you’re a fan of movement classes already – take it to the next level with this new trend.

Jumping rope

Jump ropes are taking off again as an exercise must-have – they are easy to use at home for cardiovascular workouts, and using weighted ropes can give you strength training while you’re at it. If the sound of bouncing up and down repeatedly doesn’t sound appealing, there are some new classes that include ropes without the jumping. You’re required to make wave-like patterns in large weighted ropes using your arms. However, you’ll walk away with more than just leaner arms; it’s a cardiovascular, core-strengthening, coordination and endurance training circuit all in one. We love low-impact, especially when it’s paired with big results – it’s a safe, but serious exercise.


Touted by some as the new spinning – indoor rowing classes are another big fitness trend to look out for. It’s important to begin with a class so you can get proper technique training – as you could injure yourself with improper rowing. However, once you have the ‘erg’ (lingo for the dry-land rowing machine) mastered, it’s just like riding a bike and your body will get used to the motion. Done correctly, rowing will workout about 85% of your body, but it’s still a low impact exercise.

We hope these exercise ideas give you some inspiration and motivation when it comes to spicing up your fitness goals. Share your favorite fitness trend in the comments below!

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