Weekly fave: Nourish balance toning mist

Welcome to our new series on the Baby2Body Blog, called Weekly Fave! Each week, members of the Baby2Body team will be sharing their thoughts on a product they’ve been enjoying for the last seven days. Featuring a mixture of beauty, fitness, wellbeing and nutrition, we’re compiling a catalogue of tried-and-tested products that we think you’re going to love. We hope you enjoy this exciting new series!

Hello there! I’m Jess. I’m the marketing and brand partnerships associate at Baby2Body, and a serious skincare lover. Over the last 10 months I’ve discovered some fantastic skincare products from organic and cruelty-free brands, and one product in particular that has really impressed me, is the Nourish Balance Toning Mist.


I spoke about Nourish in this blog post a few months ago where we met the founder Dr. Pauline Hili, and we have worked with Nourish in our previous Baby2Body Boxes (which you can still try out here). They’re a wonderful brand that provide high-quality products at reasonable prices, and I believe that they are true pioneers in the organic skincare industry.

If you travel on public transport regularly, then you’ll probably know full well how terrible the pollution in Central London is. The murky air clogs our pores, the sweaty, cramped conditions are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and the lack of fresh air can lead to dull, dreary complexions. When I get into the office after my morning commute, the first thing I do is spritz on a few sprays of the Nourish Balance Toning Mist. It’s the perfect product to combat pollution, and it’s a great mood-boosting product too. Featuring a combination of apple extract and a potent Vitamin B complex, this light mist hydrates skin, restores the natural pH levels of your complexion (which makes this perfect post-cleanse), and diminishes shine and oil.

This multi-purpose spray has a lovely, cooling effect on the skin, and it instantly absorbs without disturbing my makeup on top. It’s perfect for combination-oily skin types, however it’s so gentle that dry, dehydrated complexions will love this too. A great product to keep in your handbag for touch-ups throughout the day, and one that be easily incorporated into your skincare routine, if you’re looking for a gentle toner after cleansing and removing makeup.

Make sure to comment if you’ve tried this lovely toner before, and stay tuned for the next Weekly Fave post!

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