Baby2Body Beauty Guide: Our Makeup Must-Haves

When you’ve got so much going on – emotionally and physically, your makeup routine can easily get pushed aside. But adding some color and a little glow to your face can be quite therapeutic and uplifting. It’s not about how much you add or what you add – it’s taking the time for yourself to look the way you want to look and feel like yourself again. Plus, there’s nothing better than finding that new shade of blusher, or lash extending mascara that is just perfect for you. A little confidence boost is just what the doctor ordered for many nearly and new moms, and that’s why we’ve put together this Beauty Style Guide, listing a few of our favorite products to brighten up your day.

 Our 10 Makeup Must-Haves

  1. Cleanser – Yes we know, this really shouldn’t be in a makeup list, but our first three items are all about prepping your skin for your freshest, most radiant look yet. A natural, micellar water cleanser is a great way to ensure a clean slate every time and help your skin stay beautifully blemish free.
  2. Moisturiser  We all know that dreaded look of makeup placed on top of dehydrated skin; it’s flaky, patchy, and difficult to salvage. That all comes down to your moisturising step and making sure your skin has the hydration barriers it needs to keep your makeup in its place and maintain a radiant glow all day long. A lightweight long-lasting moisturiser will do just the trick.
  3. Primer – This step straddles both the skincare and makeup line – but it’s so important in getting your look how you want it. The perfect primerdelivers a healthy dose of vitamins to your skin, while helping to smooth out fine lines and pores to get a flawless finish and an even tone.
  4. Concealer – If you’ve been feeling fatigued you may have some blue-ish hues under your eyes to show for it. A yellow-toned concealer is the perfect way to balance out the delicate skin around your eyes and it’s the first step to faking a well-rested look.
  5. Foundation – Depending on your preferences, your skin tone, and your skin type, you may be drawn to different options for this one. It takes time to find the perfect foundation, so if you already have one you’re comfortable with – go with that. If you’re looking for something new, we love a classic powder for all-over coverage. It’s portable and easy to apply, making mid-day touchups a cinch – but with this lovely and seriously long-lasting powder from Estée Lauder, we doubt you’ll even need it.
  6. Highlighter – The strobing fad has brought extra attention to the wonders of the humble highlighter. We’re not going to run you through a Kardashian krash kourse on how to highlight, because there’s simply not enough time. But there are easy ways you can use a highlighter to brighten up your face. We love a highlighting pencil because it’s so simple to use; apply to the inside corners of your eyes, below your brow line, down the center of your nose, along the the tops of your cheekbones and on your cupid’s bow to add some light to your look. Blend with your finger and you’re good to go.
  7. Blusher – Don’t think circles of color popped on your cheekbones here – think of a rosy, healthy glow. When you find the right shade of blush, you’ll be amazed what a few gentle swipes across the apples of your cheeks can do. If you’ve been cheated out of the pregnancy glow that everyone talks about, or if those days are past and you want it back – a little rouge is all you need! NARS never disappoints and with their gorgeous array of rosy shades, you’re sure to find the blush that’s best for you.
  8. Matte eyeshadow – A simple shadow can build out any eye look you’re after: from full lid coverage, to a smoky effect, or you can even use it as a soft liner. These options from Clarins are comfortable to wear and guaranteed to hold throughout the day. If you want to go for more of a statement look, we recommend opting for a gel pot liner, such as this one from Stila.
  9. Mascara – If I go out of the house with one only thing on, it has to be mascara. Blame it on my barely-there lashes, but I think it’s more about the sexy, chic, wide-awake look you can achieve in seconds. For volume and length, check out this gorgeous option from Lancôme.
  10. Lip balm – We love a bold lip colour and a glosssed up pout from time to time, but our never-fail option is a natural looking lip. A hydrating, lightly tinted lip balm that accentuates the natural pigments in your lips and adds the right amount of shine is the final item on our top list of makeup must-haves.

I’ll be honest, we all have more than 10 items in our makeup bag here at Baby2Body – but we rely on these products day in, and day out. What tops your list of makeup must-haves? Share in the comments below!

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