Mood-Boosting Beauty: Our Favorite Fixes When You Need A Refresh

As superficial as some may find it, ‘putting your face on’ can be therapeutic for some of us — and that’s OK! It’s so important to know what helps you feel like your best you, and then go do it. We’ve compiled a list of some products that can help you feel a little bit better, add some joy to your day, and help boost your moods in no time.

1. A peachy-pink blusher. 

Find your beautiful shade to fake a natural, sun-kissed glow – but we recommend a peach pink because the warm tones of coral and peach blushers are universally flattering. Try applying the blush to only the apples of your cheeks – this precise application of color creates the illusion of healthy skin, meaning you look more awake, energized, and alert, even if you’re running on fumes.

2. A waterproof mascara

This is a makeup must-have if you’re feeling weepy or are suffering from allergies. Find a mascara that boasts thickening, volumizing, AND lengthening effects. Options that feature thin, spiky brushes will better grab onto your lashes and give them a serious lift. A good waterproof mascara will be your go-to no-smudge option and keep your lashes curled and uplifted throughout the day, so you can withstand bad weather, sweltering and crowded commutes, and the odd tear or two.

3. A rosy-toned lipstick

Along with a brightening peach blush, a surefire way to bring some sunshine to your makeup look is to rock a lip shade that provides a beautiful, rosy pop of color. Cool-toned rose shades make teeth look whiter, and they offer a subtle alternative to red, but more color and vibrancy than a nude.

4. Manicured hands

It just screams ‘put together’. No matter how shoddy you’re feeling, a flash of bright red or pastel mint is enough to make you feel poised and ready to go. The physical act of applying nail polish (or having it done for you) is in itself indulgent and allows you to focus on the ‘now’, rather than worrying about what else you have to do that day. Along with a plethora of beautiful shades, one of the things we require from a nail polish range is to be five-free. This means that they can’t include DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, and phthalic acid.

5. Fragrant water spray

While these options may not last as long as a typical Eau de Parfum – they are not quite as intense, and that’s definitely a benefit in the early days of pregnancy when strong smells may prove noxious. A fragrant water spray is also easy to carry with you for on-the-go refreshment. Spritz onto pressure points for an immediate mood boost.


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