Eco-beauty With R. L. Linden and Co.

There’s nothing better than trying out new skincare products, and I was lucky enough to sample some treats from the fantastic U.S. based company R L Linden & Co earlier this month.

The Bee Charmer Refining Cacao Honey Cleanser & Mask

This creamy cleanser can be used both morning and night, and works incredibly well to remove makeup as well as thoroughly cleanse and purify the skin. The texture feels like treacle, and it glides into the skin. I like to leave it on for two minutes whilst I brush my teeth in the morning, to allow the cacao, honey, clay and rose to exfoliate, brighten and soothe my skin. The colour is a little off-putting (it reminds me of when I used to create my own mud masks as a teenager), but the results are amazing. As soon as I rinse off the mask, my skin feels cleansed and light – like it would after a pampering facial. There were no remnants of makeup, and the effects last for around two days after use.

La Balmba Rosa

Linden’s La Balmba Rosa is a multi-purpose balm that comes in a cute little glass pot – it looks gorgeous sitting on my desk, and is so useful for work! It moisturises chapped lips and hydrates cuticles, along with repairing any dry skin on my elbows and knees. Along with lips and cuticles, the balm can be used to rehydrate the delicate eye area, tame bushy brows and soothe burns. The scent is delicately rosy, and it contains avocado oil, Bulgarian rose, coconut oil and meadowfoam seed oil to intensively nourish. La Balmba Rosa is smooth and silky, and it has just the right amount of shine to make lips look glossy and full without being uncomfortably glossy. A little really does go a long way; the tiny pot will probably last me months! It’s an excellent product to keep in your handbag, and really useful to travel. As I often take international flights for work, this will be a godsend for my skin and nails when the drying air conditioning system comes on.

What do you think about these two natural skincare products? Have you tried anything from Linden before? Let us know in the comments below!

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