Nourish skincare chat with Dr. Pauline Hili

Nourish Skincare is a brand that’s been on our radar for a while. Combining organic ingredients with a desire to enhance and improve your skin, their founder Dr. Pauline Hili is a true innovator in the world of natural cosmetics. We sat down with her to find out a little more about the brand, along with some of her favourite products from her range!

Dr. Pauline Hili

1) What inspired you to develop Nourish Skincare? Nourish was born out of the belief that fantastic organic skin care, just like organic food, should be available to many more people than at present. Creating products which are both highly effective and affordable was one of the primary objectives in developing the Nourish range. Combining technology with innovation and a deep understanding of how skin works, allows us to deliver effective products that people love and constantly return to.

2) How do organic ingredients benefit our skin? Organic ingredients benefit the skin in the same way they do in our diet – by providing clean, pure vitamins, minerals and active components that our skin recognises and benefits from, without any harmful preservers or byproducts.

3) Many pregnant women suffer blemishes and irritated, sensitive skin during their pregnancy. Which Nourish products would you recommend to improve their complexion? Our Relax Calming Moisturiser and Argan Skin Rescue are the best products to use during pregnancy. These two products provide instant hydration and soothe irritation while providing nutrients to improve the baseline health of the skin. The Relax moisturiser includes lavender which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that soothes, calms and reduces redness. Plus, the scent is gorgeous!

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4) What’s your everyday skincare routine?

Morning – I use the Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser to prepare my skin for a day in the city air – its gives skin amazing resilience as well as a natural luminosity, and it’s a delight to use! I follow this with the Relax Hydrating Peptide Serum, and then the Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser. As well as argan oil, this includes frankincense, myrrh and rose of Jericho and is great for hydration and cell regeneration. My morning routine often has new products I am developing added to it. So sometimes it can be a long process – which I quite enjoy!

Evening – I use the Protect Refreshing Cleanser, then a spritz of the Protect Cooling Toning Mist, and finish with a couple of drops of our Argan Skin Rescue. I do tend to switch up my routine as the seasons change, because my complexion is constantly changing and adapting through the year. It was with this in mind that I designed Nourish to be a flexible range, and to work with natural skin changes.

5) What is your greatest achievement as a female brand creator? I have been fortunate as a scientist to be involved in some great achievements. Prior to setting up Nourish I was the research director for Neal’s Yard Remedies for 25 years. Being at the forefront of scientists involved in bringing organic beauty products into the main stream has been a really great achievement. Developing and supervising several research projects with a number of different universities has been really rewarding. Being the first company to create its own extract of kale and demonstrate its range of benefits when applied topically has been a really terrific recent achievement for myself and Nourish.

Thank you to Dr. Pauline for sharing her insider knowledge and expertise with us – we are so grateful!

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