Sensational summer smoothies

At Baby2Body HQ, we think that summer is the perfect season for smoothies! Great for on-the-go hydration, they’re quickly replacing coffee and tea as the go-to drinks for busy moms without the time for a sit-down breakfast, lunch or snack. Follow our five tips for delicious, healthy and satisfying warm-weather beverages that will boost energy, reduce hunger pangs and leave you feeling energised and ready to face the day!

  • Freeze your fruit: when fruit is frozen you don’t have to add ice to your smoothie, plus it becomes ‘spoonable’, so it feels more like a snack, and less like a drink. This slushie-style drink will fill you up and leave you feeling super-satisfied!
  • To ramp up the benefits of your smoothie, add in a dash of protein powder or a half a handful of greens like kale or spinach- instant energy!
  • Adding liquid to your smoothie doesn’t have to mean it becomes watered down. Try using almond milk, coconut milk, yoghurt or chilled  green tea.
  • Adding some ripe avocado is a fantastic way to ensure a creamy texture to your smoothie, whilst keeping it healthy and green.
  • Chia seeds are a delicious and nutrient-rich superfood addition to smoothies – green in particular. Use two tablespoons for a hint of nutty flavour and a boost of protein, calcium, manganese and phosphorus! Just don’t forget to blend the seeds well and add to the liquid formula.

What are your favourite summer smoothie recipes? Let us know in the comments below!

Want more nutritional advice and information on how to eat well during pregnancy and as a mom? Check out our free ios app!


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