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Today, we are chatting with the lovely Louise Joyce from Nutri Advanced. They’re a fantastic company that provides high-quality nutritional supplements and vitamins, and one of our new brand partners to feature in our Baby2Body Shop. Louise is their chief practitioner consultant, and is totally in-the-know when it comes to wellbeing and health. Keep scrolling to learn about this wonderful company!

Tell us a little bit about Nutri Advanced.

Nutri Advanced, formerly known as Nutri, is a UK-based, family-run health business. We are leaders in the field of practitioner education, holding over 40 educational events each year, and we supply over 130 specialist supplements to thousands of practitioners. Two of our most notable ranges are Eskimo Omega-3 fish oils, and MegaMag. We are fortunate to have a loyal team of hard-working nutritionists and naturopaths, who work on our continued innovation in the field of functional medicine, and product development.

Based on your experience as a practitioner consultant with Nutri, what are the most common ailments affecting women on a day-to-day basis?

Part of my role here at Nutri Advanced is to coach practitioners around how to improve their practice and provide technical support for their clinical cases. I would say that the most common thing affecting woman by far, is burn-out. We are hearing about it more and more in the media, and it really isn’t a surprise to me. We are trying to fit more exciting (and sometimes demanding) things into our hectic schedules. Self-care sometimes is pushed further and further down a burdened to do list.

Burn-out can mean anything from that feeling of faltering energy/fatigue to mood swings, to complex hormonal profiles. Living a fast-paced life is great for some ,but we must remember the importance of looking after and protecting our physical and psychological health. An analogy that sometimes clicks with people is to consider your adrenal glands like a piggy bank. We can withdraw from them day by day, but unless we replenish them, one day the bank will fall into decline.

Why do you think supplements are beneficial for pregnant women and new moms?

Supplements and our body’s requirements can be a very individual, personal thing. If I were to summarise areas that could be beneficial I would consider taking a pure and stable fish oil like Eskimo-3, I would have my Vitamin D levels checked and look to take a good quality pregnancy multivitamin. With a multivitamin, be sure to look for folic acid or even better, folic acid as 5MTHF, like we use. This has been found to be a more body-ready form of folic acid.

How can probiotics improve digestion and maintain digestive health during pregnancy?

The but microbiota is a very complex system. It is said we have more bacteria in our gastrointestinal system than we have cells in our entire body. Many factors such as medications, alcohol, food and stress can affect this healthy balance. I would suggest a healthy digestive system is crucial for all stages of life, and that nurturing it periodically with a great evidence-based probiotic is a great self-care habit.

What is your top tip for busy moms?

As simple as it may sound, it’s so crucial to make time for you. Nurture yourself and spend time regrouping, and you’ll feel the effects rub off on your co-workers, family and friends. Sometimes, the advice we wish we would follow more often sounds exactly the same as the things we hope to implement into your child’s routine. My favourite way to relax is having a bath with magnesium flakes and a scented candle. It can be difficult to find the time, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! Taking a nap also helps recharge the batteries. It’s been suggested that even one night of interrupted sleep can decrease carbohydrate cravings, improve your mood and help keep your metabolism functioning properly. Batch cooking and freezing meals for the week also helps!

We have loved chatting to Louise about her helpful, handy hints for women. You can find the entire Nutri Advanced range on their website, and their Pregnancy and Women Essential Multivitamins in the Baby2Body Shop. Don’t forget to check out their website and their incredible nutritional nutritional supplements, minerals and vitamins!

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