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“I Don’t Like What I See.” Real Mamas Talk Body Image After Baby

The battle for body confidence is very real for new and expecting mamas. Three mamas share their unique stories on finding body confidence after baby.

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Finding time to cook healthy meals can be a daunting task – especially when you’re exhausted, pregnant, and have cranky little ones screaming mama! Our nutitionist, Emma Hanton, is here to share some simple tricks for creating healthier eating habits.

My Pregnancy, My Way: Real Baby2Body Mamas Share Their Stories

Your pregnancy means that you’re in charge–sounds simple, right? Taking charge of your pregnancy and your health is something that intimidates most women, so if you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone.

Busting The Top 5 Pregnancy Exercise Myths

We want no more judgement, no more shame, no more criticism – and in its place a whole lot more support, understanding, and championing of healthy, active pregnancies.

“You Shouldn’t Lift Weights”: Mamas Who Overcame Pregnancy Exercise Criticism

We’re sharing the stories of three women who didn’t let pregnancy slow them down–despite criticism from others. These are their stories.

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The first trimester was the hardest. Even though I had terrible morning sickness, I felt better when exercising (and terrible at all other times). I ran the Chicago Marathon at 18 weeks pregnant, when my belly was just starting to “pop.”

— Jennifer

As a person that was living a pregnancy after loss, mentally it was a challenge. I was fighting all those thoughts that something was wrong and changing them for positive affirmations. Having a good support system helped me go through all the difficult moments

— Sara