How to make the holidays healthier

The holiday season is underfoot and we can't get enough of festive lighting on city streets and the warm glow of Christmas cheer. We're staying busy here in the Baby2Body offices all this week, but like you, we're anxiously awaiting our final travel plans for 2016 and gathering with family and friends to ring in the New Year. We want to send all of you warm wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season and we thought there was no better way than by giving you some of our top tips for feeling good and looking amazing this time of year. We're going to keep it simple with 5 simple steps for making your Christmastime celebrations less stressful and more... merry! So here they are and happy holidays!

How to stay happy & healthy during the holidays

1. For your wellbeing: 'Tis the time for mindfulness.

Despite all of the holiday cheer, we know how stress can start to build as the holiday festivities loom closer. Now is the perfect time to use mindfulness as a calming technique if you feel tension growing as it will help you focus in on what you have to be thankful for, while helping you let go of things you can't control. Take stock of the thoughts that come and go while you're in a mindful state and work on letting negativity pass through you while letting the positivity fuel you. As this year winds to a close, you can also use mindfulness to zone in on new energy or thoughts that you want to bring into the next year. We like to use mindfulness every night before bed to help quiet our minds so we can enjoy a more restful sleep, though you can use this technique whenever you can find some quiet time in your day. 

2. For your food: Make your favorite healthy dishes a new tradition. 

It may be hard to avoid a cookie or two this time of year, but it's OK to indulge when you can strike a healthy balance in your diet. A great place to start in making holiday foods healthier is by creating a new mealtime tradition yourself! You get to set the rules when it comes to the food you eat, so make whatever nutrient-packed dish you love to dine on a staple at your holiday table and encourage cleaner, fresher eating for your whole family. 

3. For your fitness: Get a head start on your New Year's resoultions. 

If a revamped fitness routine isn't on your New Year's resolutions list, this tip still counts! Using your holiday break to get into an exercise mindset may not be what you had in mind, but we promise you'll be glad you did. You don't have to kick things into high gear yet, just aim to get in 20 minutes of exercise every single morning in order to feel less sluggish throughout the day, more energized for the festivities to come, and in a better mood overall. If you're traveling - hit the hotel gym; if you're at home - take your dog on a longer walk than normal; if you're in need of something new - start your day with a yoga flow or a quick body-resistance circuit.

4. For your look: Enjoy yourself.

When it comes to maintaining a radiant glow clear through to the new year, the best thing you can do for your look is actually pretty simple: have a good time. When you're enjoying yourself and feeling comfortable and relaxed, you'll look effortlessly and naturally radiant. Of course, if it helps to wear an outfit that gives you an extra boost of confidence or to don on a bold red lip that makes you feel timelessly chic, go for it! Ultimately it's all about wearing what makes you feel sexy, fabulous, and true to yourself. So pick a look that's totally you, go have a good time, and all will be beautiful.

5. Lastly, if you're in need of a last minute gift: Don't panic - we've got you covered.

Giving is the best part of the holiday season - whether it's your time, your best wishes, or a carefully chosen gift for someone special. However, we've all been in that last-minute rush from time to time, still searching for the right present in the days leading up to Christmas. So, in the spirit of giving, we're sharing some of our go-to gift ideas that you can pull together in an afternoon. First are photos and shared memories. A special photo in a simple frame, or a gift that commemorates a shared experience between you and your gift recipient is always a thoughtful item. Next is something that encourages the recipient to take time for themselves - whether it's a certificate for spa day, a meal for two at their favorite restaurant, or tickets to a show you know they'll enjoy, it's sure to be a meaningful gift.  Our last idea is to keep it simple for friends and family that you won't be seeing for the holidays. If you're scrambling to figure out what to send someone who lives far away, never underestimate the power of a handwritten card sending your love and warm wishes for the year to come. 

Of course, if you're looking for the perfect present for a pregnant woman or new mom, you can give them the gift of health, confidence, and happiness with the Baby2Body Premium app! As a holiday special we're offering packages of 3, 6, or 9 months of premium for 30% off! Head over to our gifting page for more information and to purchase today. Sale ends on December 31st. 

Happy holidays and a healthy new year to you and yours, from all of us at Baby2Body!

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