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Caffeine and conception - do they go together?

Before we dive into recent findings on caffeine and conception, we want to talk about why coffee has long been on the 'best avoided' list during pregnancy and if breastfeeding. Since studies in pregnancy that monitor fetal development are limited due to potential harm to the baby, researchers don't know the exact implications of prenatal caffeine consumption. However, longitudinal studies have shed some light on the most likely impact on healthy fetal development. The biggest concern is that caffeine can pass through the placenta and into baby's bloodstream. While your body is well-equipped to metabolize that caffeine, your growing baby doesn't have the same digestive capabilities. Because of this, caffeine remains in your baby's body for longer, meaning it's stimulating effects last longer as well. The same goes for breastfeeding, as caffeine can be passed on to baby through your breastmilk, and your newborn's digestive tract won't reach full maturation until 6-9 months of age.
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