Planning for pregnancy? Get your body ready for baby with Baby2Body!

At Baby2Body our mission is to help women stay fit, be calm, feel healthy and maintain their lifestyle through pregnancy and early motherhood. We know what it takes to keep women healthy during this time, but we also know that in order to have your healthiest pregnancy you need to start before you're actually pregnant. That's why we're launching Planning For Pregnancy - our brand new content stream for women who want to get their bodies and minds ready for baby, and increase their chances of having a healthy pregnancy. 

Whether you're trying for a baby right now, or just starting to think about it - we're here to help. We'll make sure you know what the best foods are to promote conception and boost your nutritional health, we'll show you how to exercise effectively now so you can stay fit throughout your pregnancy, and we'll teach you the best ways to rest and relax so you can stress less and enjoy the process. Remember - making a baby should be fun! 

So, if you're planning for pregnancy and want to give yourself and your future baby the healthiest start possible, sign up for our weekly emails today! Here's a look at what you'll get: 


Ever wonder why so many couples conceive while away on holiday? Three words: rest and relaxation. So, we've got tips for minimizing stress and maximizing happiness, along with meditation tricks to keep you feeling positive, empowered, and in control. 


Carrying a baby is hard work, and so is losing the baby weight later on - but getting fit now can make a world of difference. We'll teach you how to balance your workouts so you can build strength, stamina, and flexibility, and get your body in top shape. 


Did you know that your dietary habits can affect your chances of conceiving and influence your baby's early development? We'll let you know what changes you can make now, and we'll cover what nutrients you need most and how to get them from your food. Delicious recipes included!


Whether it's beauty tricks, skincare tips, or fashion trends we'll keep you up-to-date on the best practices, so you can look and feel amazing while knowing that your go-to routines are safe, healthy and of course, on trend.


It takes two to make a baby, so we've got your guy covered as well! We've got tips on his healthy lifestyle, along with guidance on keeping your relationship strong from the start, plus some fun ways to maximize your health as a team.

Of course once you are pregnant, we'll be here with your personalized content for every single day of pregnancy and weekly for three years after birth - all available on the Baby2Body App.

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