Best ways to celebrate Mother's Day when you're pregnant

With Mother's Day right around the corner here in the UK, it can be tough to know how to approach this holiday if you're still pregnant with your first child. Am I technically a mom yet? Should I celebrate, or wait for next year? What do I even do to celebrate? Here's what we think: you should do whatever makes you feel good. We get it if you don't want to make a big deal out of it, and it's also cool to take the day and make it all about you. 

If you are pregnant this Mother's Day, why not use it as an excuse to give yourself a little extra pampering? Above all, just focus on having fun and keeping things happy this weekend. If you're not sure exactly what to do with yourself this coming Sunday, we've got some of our top ideas for how to celebrate Mother's Day while pregnant. 

5 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day When You're Pregnant

1. Make a big announcement! 

While this won't work for everyone's pregnancy timeline, if you are getting ready to share the news of your soon-to-be baby with close family and friends, Mother's Day offers the perfect opportunity to do so. We love some of these cute and clever card ideas - perfect to give to your own mum and surprise her with a gift unlike any other. To make your own personalized card for your mum or a special mum in your life - head on over to


2. Massage? Yes please.

If your local spa is closed this coming Sunday, switch your celebrations to Saturday and book in for a relaxing massage. Why? Because you've earned it, mama-to-be! One of the best massage techniques for pregnancy is a lymphatic massage - which helps reduce water retention and rids your body of toxins and waste. It's a gentle-touch massage style that will leave you feeling lighter, less bloated, more energized, and simply better from head to toe. Before you book, make sure that the spa has massage professionals trained in prenatal techniques. Of course, if you'd rather stay in, you can always book an in-home massage through Urban Massage - learn more here!

3. Treat yo'self 

There are many Mother's Days ahead for you to celebrate precious gifts from your partner and children. But before baby comes, why not treat yourself to a stunning piece of jewelry from Monica Vinader. Okay for one, her pieces are absolutely gorgeous yet effortlessly wearable, and secondly, this piece of jewelry will be something you'll remember forever from your first Soon-to-be-Mother's Day. 


4. Window shop for baby

So maybe you're not ready to dive into celebrating Mother's Day by splurging on yourself - that's OK too! Remember, make this weekend FUN. If that's the case, you can use this coming weekend as an excuse to start searching for fun treats for your new baby. From functional nursery furniture and cutesy-chic decor, to irresistible infant onesies and luxuriously soft baby blankets - do some window shopping or online browsing! A touch of baby-inspired retail therapy may be just what this Mother's Day calls for. 

5. Make a Brunch date

Sunday brunch is always a good idea. Make a date with your own mum, your partner, or close friends for a delicious brunch spread complete with fresh, healthy foods and happy memories. Mother's Day is all about celebrating the incredible, inspiring and strong women in our lives - so be sure to raise a glass (of sparking cider) to all the ladies you look up to this Mum's Day! 

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